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The entertainment at your New York event can make or break it. If you book the wrong or bad entertainment for your event, your guests will remember that. So, ask all the right questions before booking the live band, DJ, or event entertainer. Use this list of inquiries as a guide to make your checklist and ensure you always work with the best entertainment for your event.

Have you worked in similar entertainment events before?

No matter what kind of entertainment you want to book for your event, you should always ask if the performer has worked at events like yours before. If you are planning a corporate event, you will need entertainers who know how to work with business people. In the same way, if you’re planning a bar or bat mitzvah in New York, you’d like an entertainer who knows how these events work. If they have done something similar before, they will know what to expect from your type of event.

Do you own any equipment?

This is a very important question for determining what kind of performance to expect. For instance, you might expect your DJ service to come with a flashy light show and disco balls. When you ask this question, you can find out more about the performer’s equipment, plans to bring, and charges for the final bill.

What is your schedule for setting up and breaking down?

Talk to any event entertainment options about how much time they need to set up and take down. You’ll need to talk with your venue about how to get in. And this question helps you figure out what else the performer might want from you.

Have you got a rider?

If a live performer or entertainer plans to be available or on stage for more than two hours, they may have rules about eating and drinking at the event. The contract for a famous performer may say what needs to be done to ensure they are comfortable. But regular guests might be happy to jump in and grab a plate or refill their drinks. But ask, so you understand what each person is looking for and can plan your budget accordingly.

How long do you plan to play?

Your event’s entertainment might show up before the event starts and leave after it’s over. But be careful to list the real stage or performance times. This could include talks about repeat performances or help for the emcee before the show.

Do You Need Power or Internet Access?

If your New York event is outside in a remote area, you might not be able to get all the power you need. Find out what your venue offers regarding power, backup, and Wi-Fi. Then, before you book entertainment for your event, request the performers what kind of power or extra connections they need.

What are your prices, and when do you expect to be paid?

This might seem like a simple question for a smart New York event planner like you. But it’s important to say. Getting as much data as feasible about the payment details, timeframes, deposits vs. final checks, etc., is important. Ask about any extra fees or charges they’ve added in the past so you can figure out how much you can spend.

Do you have any rules or limits about performing?

Not all event entertainers are alike. For example, some may not be allowed to play certain kinds of music. Everyone else might not be willing to play the songs that guests ask for. Make it a habit to ask if an entertainer has any rules that can’t be changed. This will help you gauge the experience and set guests’ expectations.

Can You Provide References?

Most entertainers who are good at what they do will have videos or other examples of how they have performed in the past. Don’t stop there, though. Ask if they can give you names of clients with similar events you can contact. Check to see if the past experiences were as amazing as the entertainer says they were.

What are your backup plans?

As an event planner, you must consider what could go wrong. You have a backup plan in case something goes wrong, like a speaker dropping out at the last minute or a problem with the food service. Don’t forget to ask what happens if your entertainment goes wrong.

Will the company send another DJ if the one you want can’t make it? What does the company do when there’s a mechanical issue with microphones, lights, or musical instruments? Work with people who are just as careful as you are about planning for what could go wrong.

Also, know the rules for getting your money back in these situations. Ask these questions before you book entertainment for your New York event. You will get better at matching your events with the best entertainers every time, with fewer surprises and worries.

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