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About 41% of Americans, or 116 million people, listen to podcast monthly. There are a lot of them. Podcasts have grown to be among the best ways to reach people worldwide online because they are easy to find. If you miss a show, you can watch it whenever you want, no matter where you are. Because listening to podcasts is easy, many groups make them for their communities.

Churches also utilize this to spread the Good News and reach younger people. But people from Generation Y and Generation Z can get bored quickly. If people aren’t coming to your Sunday sermons like they used to, you may need to make a few changes to bring your community together and keep them there. Here are some ways to keep your audience interested and help them spiritually:

Don’t stick to only one platform.

Anyone with Wi-Fi and a mobile or laptop can listen to podcasts. But not everyone likes the same way to listen. Some people like to listen to the sound, while others would rather watch people talk while they listen. If you want to reach both types, you’ll need to stream in locations other than Spotify and YouTube, which are the most popular.

Simulcasting lets you connect with more people simultaneously on multiple platforms. To do this, find an app that lets you stream your favorite media simultaneously. Customizing your live videos and chatting with your audience in real-time will make your regular episodes more interesting. Your viewers and hearers will feel like they’re active in the service, not just taking in information.

Make things less stiff.

The younger generation is easily drawn in by things they can relate to. It’s simple, but so many ministries forget this and maintain doing things the way they’ve always done. Instead of making a serious and profound podcast, try to explain the Bible in a way that young people can understand.

Connect Bible stories and passages to things that are happening now. It’s also a great way to keep your viewers updated on the news from around the world and give them a chance to help the global community.

You can speak about anything that isn’t explicitly Christian, but you can still connect stories to the church’s teachings. People are more likely to attend a relaxed worship service that includes things that people do every day. It could even bring those who have gotten lost back to a flock.

Invite Guests

Podcasts aren’t simply one person talking, like radio and TV. You can be the only host, but others should be involved in worship services. Invite one or two guests to appear on a few of your episodes every so often. Interviews are a way to get to know other people and learn more about them.

Your church is likely full of people with stories and lessons to teach. Use your podcast to start giving them a way to reach your community with their message. Hearing what other people think about a certain subject is always interesting. It’s also a way to hear the same story from different points of view.

If you have a podcast, have guests who know a lot about the subject matter come on and answer questions. For example, if you’re preaching about balancing school and worship, request an educator or another pastor to give good advice to the younger people in your congregation.

Your audience might like to hear from someone else in the church who is going through the same things they are. It’s a great method to get people interested and show them they’re not alone. Make sure you have the right equipment to handle a podcast with a guest. Even if you have a great talk, your listeners won’t understand it because they can’t hear you.

Make an online community.

Even though you and your viewers may be part of the same religious group, starting a Facebook or Discord group won’t hurt. By making a page for your podcast, your listeners can talk with others. You can also tell people about future episodes, news, and other things on the page.

People can share your posts and episode links if you have social media pages. You could find more people who are interested in listening to your podcast. Just don’t forget to put a link back to the official website of your church.

Welcome and reply to feedback.

Any group, for-profit or not, needs to hear what its customers say to enhance their services. Even though you don’t sell anything through your spiritual podcast, you still use it to help people in your church worship in different places. And if the people in your community aren’t happy with what you’re giving them, they might not look forward to the following episode.

When you have a podcast, responding to what people say is important. Individuals may request you to talk about spiritual things they are interested in. Or, they could use the podcast to get advice from a trustable church leader without giving their name. You can talk about them at the start or finish of your episodes to show that you know people’s worries.

As a ministry member, it is part of your job to ensure that the people you talk to get the spiritual assistance they need. Many people like to know that their comments are read. If they’re happy, they’ll tell others about your podcast and even give you great reviews. When you get good ratings, you know that most people are happy and looking forward to the next episode.

Spread the good news.

Used to preaching only happened in person, like when people went to church for mass. In this day and age, it has moved online and can now reach more people. Many individuals are stranded at home, scared, and ill, especially during the epidemic. People who miss attending church can listen to religious podcasts to fill the void. They can tune in to spiritual teachings from the comfort of their own homes so they never feel like they’re alone.

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