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People seem to be planning parties because Christmas is coming up soon. People who want to throw a party should now make lists and verify them twice. We’re all just trying to connect and have fun, whether we’re sharing a room or on our screens, either we’re planning a Christmas party for the office or a comedy-themed church party.

We’ll still have a great Christmas party, even though the last few years have brought new problems. Trying to plan a Christmas party can be very stressful. This has been a hard year for creators, so we want to make things as easy as possible for them.

This is where Eventbrite can help. This simple step-by-step guide has everything you need to know about throwing the best Christmas party, from picking the correct spot to going hybrid to making plans on a budget.

Choose a date and a time.

Before making any major decisions, consider who will be present and choose a day and time that works best for them. A Christmas party during the day is great for smaller students who have to go to bed early or older people who want to get home, but it might not be the finest choice for students who like to party late.

Some may want to hold their office Christmas party on the weekends or in the evening so that they can unwind and sleep the next day. Start by finding out what else is happening around your ideal date, then be as flexible as you want. If you watch social media and talk to your target audience, you can avoid dates when people are likely busy.

Look at Christmas party places.

Christmas is one of the most popular holidays so larger venues may fill up quickly on their most popular dates. Even if Friday and Saturday are full at the beginning of the year, Monday through Thursday may still be open. You may utilize an online venue finder to find a place with open slots. If you type in your place, the date, and other details, it will show you all the venues that work for you.

Your Christmas party should have a theme.

People will be more interested if you use a theme they like. For hybrid events, it can also make the people who can’t attend in person feel like they’re a part of it. A solid theme can assist with marketing and can also help raise ticket sales from a marketing standpoint.

● Christmas is the way it used to be. This is all about our favorite parts of the holiday season, like the odor of mulled wine, our favorite Christmas songs, and kissing under the mistletoe.
● Winter Wonderland. Here’s your chance to be a character from the movie Frozen! Think about silver and white decorations that shine in the light of a candle.
● Christmas sweaters and pajama party. The best Christmas cookies should be brought out. Don’t forget to give prizes for the finest and worst Christmas sweaters.
● Who do you like the most at Christmas? Ask people to come dressed as their favorite Christmas character. Santa Claus, Frosty the Snowman, Rudolph, and The Grinch will be there. Who will win the award for the best-dressed guest?
● Wear red and gold to a party. You might think of an elegant and sophisticated Christmas when you see red and gold. Ask people to dress up and make sure the decorations fit the theme.

Decide your food and décor budget.

Now that you know where your party will be and the theme, it’s time to think about the finer details of your budget. You can start figuring out how much you must spend per person if you know how many people you need to feed. Depending on the amount of cash you have, there are many things you can do.

Bigger budget

People often have dinners where they sit down, especially at business events. It’s always worthwhile to inquire around and see where the best price per person is. Some places have more than one plan for catering. Also, don’t forget to get the best deal on drinks.

Medium budget

Maintaining costs as low as possible in the middle tier is essential. If you’re planning an office party, you could ask your favorite outside caterer to set up a variety of cuisines on your property. This way, you can save money on party invitations, decorations, and entertainment. You can also save more money by getting your drinks. Watch for different seasons’ deals or discounts on large orders.

Smaller budget

Cooking your meals can help you save a lot of money, but remember to include the cost of all your materials, plates, glasses, and other cooking gear. You might even organize a “potluck” where everyone brings a dish and drink to share. Even if you make your decorations, they can collaborate just as well, and the right lighting can do a lot to make you feel like it’s the holiday season.

Pick entertainment and activities for your Christmas celebration.

Your party can get going with the help of entertainment. You might be able to hire a DJ or a band if your budget is big enough. If your party is small, you could bring out card games. No issue how much cash you have or how large your location is, games and entertainment are excellent methods to break the ice, make people laugh, or keep the atmosphere up.

Selecting interactive online games such as Jackbox, bingo, or trivia quizzes allows virtual guests to participate in the fun. Check out such online ideas for a holiday party and ensure your guests have everything they need for a good time. You can think of whatever you want!

Create your invitations

Sending invitations is the next step. Eventbrite can assist you in getting the word out more about your event and ensure it’s a big success. Use email marketing tools and interesting event pages to create the most effective invitations for your event and get more people to come.

Requests may be made to match the party’s theme using Eventbrite, which is a terrific way to get people excited and generate a buzz. You can also track who has opened an email and has asked to be removed from the list. This can help you narrow your marketing plan and use your resources better. You can tell more people about your event, reach more people, and sell tickets with Eventbrite Uplift.

Price the tickets for your Christmas party.

How much users charge for tickets depends on the type of event you’re having. For example, if it’s a big meal with three courses and dancing, you could charge between $80 and $100 per person or sell it by the table to businesses. You can add a charitable contribution to the price of each ticket at a fundraiser.

No matter how big or small your incident is, you must ensure the ticket price is fair and covers all your costs, including venue, food, drinks, decorations, and entertainment. Adding drink coupons to the ticket price could be another easy way to make more money at your event.

Your Checklist for Arranging a Christmas Party

Having a great party takes a lot of planning and remembering, that’s for sure. You can ensure you don’t neglect anything by using a list. As you do things, you can cross them off your list.

  1. Pick a time and day.
  2. Find somewhere.
  3. Pick a topic and a budget.
  4. Plan out the food.
  5. Plan decorations
  6. Find games and activities to do.
  7. Send invites
  8. Verify the final numbers
  9. Party time!

And for you decoration you can use this 9 tips.

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