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There’s scarce been a time over the past few decades that Madonna hasn’t found herself the subject of gossip and news headlines.

The Queen of Pop reveled in controversy after shooting to fame, and has managed to stay relevant and at the top of her game ever since. These days she’s a certified icon, and at 65 years of age she isn’t showing any signs of slowing down.

On the contrary, if anything Madonna is enjoying a relative upswing with regards to finding herself a talking point. Only last month did the internet react in a big way to her appearance at the 2023 Grammy Awards, with folk from various quarters even expressing concern.

Now, though, it’s her new boyfriend who’s a point of interest, namely because of the age-gap between the two of them …

Madonna’s never been a stranger to controversy.

Yet these days it’s a lot of the moves she’s making away from the stage that seem to be getting much of the attention. Namely her choice in partner since she split from model Andrew Darnell, whom she dated for five months.

According to reports, Madonna, 65 years old, is now dating 29-year-old boxing coach Joshua Popper, and was ringside last Friday night to cheer him on as he claimed victory at a gym in Brooklyn.

Earlier in 2023, Madonna uploaded a series of snaps wherein she was seen cuddling up to Popper, seemingly announcing their partnership not long after she parted ways with 23-year-old skateboarder Andrew Darnell.

As per the Daily Mail, Popper graduated from Rowan University – where he was a promising defensive lineman – in 2015, later trying out for two NFL teams but failing to make the cut.

These days he lives a life far quieter than his megastar girlfriend, having apparently opened Bredwinners boxing gym three years ago after quitting his job as a life insurance salesman.

News of Madonna’s new romance comes only a month after she came in for heavy criticism based on her somewhat worrying appearance at the 2023 Grammys awards show.

Celebrities in the modern age seem to be wholly fascinated with the idea of retaining their youthful looks for as long as possible. And it’s not just living healthy lives and using clever makeup techniques to achieve the desired effect.

No, plastic surgery and body modification appears to be more popular than ever. It’s been a fixture of life among the A-listers of the world for decades, and rather than becoming a trend on the decline, it’s only become more prominent in recent years.

Now, we feel that it’s important to remind people that everyone is beautiful in their own way. There is simply no reason to feel the need to conform to any unrealistic beauty standard. Aging is a part of being human, and in an ideal world we’d all embrace it for what it is: proof that you’ve lived when so many others don’t get the opportunity to do so.

That’s perhaps why it’s sad to see certain high-profile figures radically changing their appearances as they get older.

Over the past few months we’ve touched upon several examples – only last year did we shed light upon the concern of fans at Simon Cowell’s new look, for example – but we’d be remiss in our duties if we didn’t take a quick peek about a certain clip of Madonna that did the rounds after the Grammys.

While presenting ahead of Sam Smith’s performance, Madonna tipped her hat to the “troublemakers” of the world, saying:

“I’m here to give thanks to all the rebels out there, forging a new path and taking the heat for all of it. You guys need to know all you troublemakers out there you need to know that your fearlessness does not go unnoticed.”

She went on: “You are seen, you are heard, and most of all, you are appreciated.”

Madonna’s words, while fierce, didn’t draw half so much attention as her face, which fans online were quick to remark upon. Some claimed to hardly recognize her, what with her enlarged lips, swollen cheeks, and braided hair.

One viewer tweeted: “Madonna who? That can’t be her? Can it ?”

Another added: #GRAMMYs I really wish Madonna never touched her face. There really was no reason. She was going to age beautifully. She’s always been beautiful. #Stopplayingwithyallface#Grammys2023#Madonna.”

A third commented: “I love Madonna. I really do. But lord what did she do to her face.”

Madonna later claimed her face was merely swollen after surgery, labeling her critics mysogynistic. In June, the “Like a Virgin” singer was hospitalized with a “serious bacterial infection”. She spent multiple days in the ICU before her discharge.

At 65 years old, Madonna received care from her six children: Lourdes (26), Rocco (22), David (17), Mercy, and twins Estere and Stella (10). However, her boyfriend, Joshua Popper has ,chosen not to discuss her health concerns on social media.

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