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If you and your future spouse love music, selecting suitable music can be the most fun and difficult part of planning your wedding. It comes down to whether you want a live band or one of the available DJs.

There are pros and cons to both a live band and a DJ, but a DJ will give you a little more freedom with the music than a live band. They will also help DJ and MC the whole night, not just play music. Here are 6 causes why you might want a live DJ instead of a live band on your wedding day.

A DJ at a wedding will take away the stress.

When you recruit a DJ for your wedding, they will plan all of the musical entertainment for your wedding. You don’t have to do anything. Your DJ can run the show while you enjoy the night and talk to your guests.

The DJ will play music and help give the reception some structure by introducing the wedding party, trying to decide when to cut the cake, keeping track of speeches, and even being the MC. DJs are good at reading the crowd. They know when to make the dance music faster or slower and when to talk to the crowd. Hiring a DJ provides you with tranquility so that you can enjoy the rest of the night.

A DJ plays songs you already know.

When you recruit a DJ for your wedding, you can tell them exactly what songs you want to hear, and you can count on them to play those songs, not cover versions. You can also tell the DJ not to play any songs you don’t like. Maybe you hate line dances. So you can stop those songs from being played. DJs can choose from a huge number of songs.

You can meet with them before your wedding and help them choose what songs to play. A band might only be able to learn so many songs for your wedding night, but a DJ can find the song you want in seconds. Talk to your DJ if you like some weird music. He will probably be able to mix it in with the traditional wedding music without any trouble.

You’ll get a wide range of music for wedding parties.

A DJ can play almost any song you can think of. Somebands cover a very wide range of songs, but most may only cover a small number of songs. With a good band, you’ll get a list of songs they already know, and you can make your playlist based on that. With a DJ, however, they can play any song you want.

DJs understand what to play and will play it all, from wedding classics like “Sweet Caroline” to your favorite songs, no matter what genre they are in, to the right mix of slow and fast dancers’ songs. DJs at weddings can set the pace of the dance floor and respond to it. Like a DJ, good bands can read the crowd and change their set list on the spot, but so many bands are limited by the playlist they made before the wedding.

You can ask a DJ to play music.

With a DJ at a wedding, you can start making more requests than with a band. Maybe you planned your wedding and gave your DJ a lot of song requests, but on the night of your wedding, you realize you forgot a piece of music you wanted to hear. Since it’s your wedding, you should be able to make last-minute changes.

A band is not as adaptable, and while they might be able to accommodate some requests the night off, they cannot adapt as effectively to a last-minute song request, while a professional DJ has a huge repertoire of songs.

Your guests may also be able to ask for things. Even though no DJ wants to play requests all night, they should play songs when people ask for them. On the other hand, a band will stick to a setlist you talked about with them, giving you a little less freedom.

Choices of music with a wedding theme

You might love Halloween and want your wedding to have a Halloween theme, or you might get married in an unusual place. Wedding bands can’t change their music to fit a non-traditional wedding, but DJs can. DJs can play the music that most bands can’t because they have access to technology that most bands don’t.

Bands have to learn and practice playing songs, so it takes time to get good at each one, and playing music for a whole night may be hard. On the other hand, DJs can play almost any kind of music you want. Similarly, you can be as hands-on or hands-off with your DJ as you want.

If you want to create most of the set list, you could usually do so. But if you are busy with all the other preparations, the DJ can take care of everything for you. The DJ can make the perfect set list for your wedding if you talk to him about what you like and don’t like.

DJ prices are usually less than

There’s no way around it. One of the best things a couple getting married can do for their guests is to have a full, live band at their wedding reception. Nothing beats the power of hearing your favorite songs played by real musicians.

Live wedding bands are more costly than a DJ because they have more people and equipment. A DJ, on the other hand, is usually just one person. A wedding DJ is a great way to have a great party that your guests will enjoy, even if you have a small budget for your wedding reception.

A DJ will help you enjoy your wedding night.

Hiring a DJ for your wedding is a great way to take your mind off other things. Letting the DJ handle the music, the cake-cutting ceremony, and many other things is a great way to enjoy the reception without worrying about anything. Plus, you understand the music will be good because it’s the same music you’re used to hearing. Find a good DJ for your wedding and focus on other parts of the planning. Then, at your wedding, dance all night to all the songs you choose ahead of time.

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