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Will would have been at the top of the list if it weren’t for that awful ending, and this movie substantiates the awesomeness of peculiar animals that have never been seen before.

A visually stunning new take on Battle of the Globes, brought to you by Steven Spielberg. He combined classic movie monsters with cutting-edge special effects. Although the beginning and the middle of this film were breathtaking, the conclusion left much to be desired, in stark contrast to the BEST 10 our team has chosen for Best TEN!

Sin City

This movie was both brave and bold in equal measure. All of the film’s personalities worked together to create some of the best impressions and fantastic acts. While the movie was shot on a green screen. Seeing this movie brought back the old-school, hands-on sense of humor you used to get when you imagined your characters acting out their roles.

Batman Begins

The combat lines are just as appealing in the movie as in the comic publications, with Marvel opting for flash and action and DC choosing more depth and conflict. I believe that Katie Holmes was able to take something away from the movie. After seeing it, you get the impression that the Caped Crusader finds his release in heroic deeds.

Wedding Crashers

This is the movie that every other comedy spent the rest of the year attempting to compete with and outdo in some way or another. This time around, he gives it a performance while preparing with Owen Wilson to perform reminiscent of Swingers (the everlasting vulnerable man motion picture).

King Kong

How good of a movie is it when the lead role doesn’t show up for the first hour, and the rest of the characters are flat and one-dimensional? This motion picture, directed by Peter Jackson, the acknowledged authority on all things fantastic, was incredible.


Regarding originality and entirely new worlds, science fiction is where it’s at. The next video features a movie combining kung-fu, spaceships, and some of the old western outpost cities. It may be dependable and insane, yet everything works well when taken as a whole. The principal protagonists are many smugglers pursued by an assassin working for a particular authority.

This is happening because one of the smugglers’ former stowaways may be holding top-secret secrets in her head. Evaluation of Celebrity Trip was unavoidable given the high quality of the film released following the conclusion of the television series it was based on. The members of our staff all share the hope that this will eventually become a franchise opportunity.

Skeleton Key

With today’s movies produced in New Orleans, some element of the supernatural or paranormal must be present. It would appear that the vast majority of people in that region either engage in the activity themselves or abstain from engaging in the activity altogether because they have a firm belief in it. Do you have a firm belief in something?

Saw 2

It is quite challenging to top the performance of the first picture in this genre. Most of the suspense was brought on by the fact that the audience was unfamiliar with and had never seen anything like the events that transpired in the first film. This most recent version spins a story that is a little bit more intricate than previous ones. It features a father and a son and a conclusion that keeps you talking long after the movie has ended.

Million Dollar Baby

This movie does an excellent job of eliciting feelings from its viewers, which is one of its primary goals. This movie is exactly what it should be. Since it is filled to the brim with feelings and has many of them.

Hotel Rwanda

The notification of a catastrophe has to take place because it is so terrible. The only way to stop similar events from ever happening again is to prevent them from happening in the first place. This movie moved all of us to tears. Allowed us to empathize with the characters and their predicaments as we shared their experience alongside them.


This movie was not only one of the most successful of 2005. It is also considered one of the most classic films of all time from its time period. With an international perspective and gradually weaving together several different stories and characters until they worked together on several issues near the end, each venue and section is interesting enough to warrant investigation and discussion.

Regardless of how insignificant it may seem, every deed influences the possibility of a celebration. This movie needs to be added to any collection you already have. And if you don’t have any, it should be the impetus to start one.

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