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Many different types of books are read by different narrator so that people can listen to them on the go. Whether they are reading short stories, novels, or biographies, people who narrate audiobooks must be excellent readers and speakers.

What does an audiobook narrator do?

An audiobook narrator is a voice actor who adds their voice to spoken word recordings for an audiobook or book on tape. An audiobook’s narrator reads the whole book text out loud over a long period. In audiobook production, the narrator’s job is to make the experience interesting for the listener. This means talking like many different characters, matching the story’s intensity, and keeping up vocal stamina.

Four Skills You require to succeed as an Audiobook Narrator

The best way to narrate an audiobook is to read the words of a page and have a unique voice. In an audiobook, the narrator’s performance can make or break the story for the listener. Before you record your 1st audiobook, try getting better at:


To record audiobooks professionally, you need to be able to act with your voice. Narrators of audiobooks have to describe what’s happening and say what the characters are saying in different voices. They may have to learn regional accents, vocal mannerisms, and different ways to act to become each character and match the changing emotions of the story.

Controlling one’s breathing

A person who doesn’t know how to breathe may find an audiobook strange and annoying. A good narrator knows how to breathe into a microphone without stopping the flow of the text. As a book narrator, controlling your breath may also help you make your voice softer and more pleasant. Try different ways to breathe to help you control your breath and have a smooth listening experience.

Strong reading skills

The people who read audiobooks have to keep the text’s flow and make it sound smooth, natural, and right. Knowing how to say hard words, country names, and foreign terms is important. Whether you’re trying out for a job or have already been hired, it’s always a good idea to read a text and learn new words to perform best during the recording session. Find out how to try out for voiceover jobs.

Vocal endurance

To record an audiobook, you need to talk for a long time without stopping and with few breaks. Take care of your voice by drinking tea with honey, doing warm-up exercises, and avoiding straining your voice. This will help your vocal cords stay strong and give you more stamina during long audiobook recording sessions.

How to narrate audiobooks

You must take several steps to become a professional audiobook narrator, whether you want to add something new to your voiceover work or are looking for your first audiobook job. Few narration jobs inside the audiobook business are full-time. Instead, most of these jobs are filled by freelancers who work part-time. On your way to developing into a professional audiobook reader, think about the following steps:

Do free projects to get experience.

By lending your voice to a few free projects, like student films or podcasts, you might get experience and become known as an audiobook narrator. Volunteering as a narrator could be a great way to improve your skills and help you learn more.

Develop your skills

At home, read out loud from a book. Record your practice sessions with professional recording software to help you get better at the details of your performance. Make a space for your home studio, maybe in a closet, where you can hang soundproofing material on the walls to reduce background noise.

You might want to buy a professional microphone with a pop filter to soften the strong consonant sounds in your voice that can be annoying. You can improve your cadence and clarity of speech by listening to a recording of yourself narrating and writing down any strange things you hear.

Try out a variety of audiobooks.

Research and listen to audiobooks read by well-known and new professionals in the field. Look at how they read, including their speed, cadence, inflections, and other skills.

If you look into how experienced storytellers regulate their breathing and switch between different voices, you might be able to improve the way you read and perform. Because audiobooks are expensive, check online to see if your library has any you can reserve. Some library systems have apps that let you stream audiobooks for free.


Most audiobook narrators work independently, so you must promote yourself hard to get new jobs. Make a website where you can post a voiceover demo to show potential clients how your voice sounds.

A voiceover demo, also called a VO demo, is a collection of audio clips artists use to show how good they are. A demo reel for audiobooks must show your skills and how to use your voice. This will increase your chances of getting paid for work.

Apply for available opportunities.

Search for online casting calls on career websites regularly. When you are just starting, any experience you can get will help you. Be careful of scammers hiding in online job ads or pay-to-play webpages that charge a subscription fee for auditions and doing your research before taking a job.

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