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Even though not every festival has a Beyonce performance, there are craft events, moon events, New Year’s celebrations, and so many other reasons to get family and friends together to support each other and carry on traditions that have been around for numerous generations. From the light festival in Chiang Mai to summer moon festivities in Greece to a Japanese blossom series, we see how people worldwide celebrate life. Here are some of these celebrations

International Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque

At this 9-day festival in Albuquerque in October, hundreds of hot air balloons are brought to the sky. Children and adults go to the large launch site because it feels like an event, and it is a sight to see many balloons of different shapes, sizes, and colors floating in the desert sky.


In July, a brightly colored canopy covers the boundary of the streets of the guide, giving them a bright new look. From July 7 to July 29, residents and visitors can look forward to art installations, performances, and a lot of street art during the Agitagueda festival.

Yi Peng Event Light

During the Yi Peng Light Event, hundreds of lanterns are set off all over the city, lighting up the night sky. This party is held all over the city on the night of the complete moon in the 12th month of the lunar calendar (normally November). It is often celebrated simultaneously as Loy Krathong with three ceremonies, markets, candlelight, and more.

Holi Festival of Color

Holi is a Hindu holiday celebrating the triumph of good over evil and the coming of spring. It is becoming popular outside of India as a party where people throw colored powder at each other. There might be a Holi Fest near you if you live in Boston, Houston, Chicago, or even some other big cities in the United States.

Dia De Los Muertos

The main part of this Mexican tradition is to honor the lives of certain people who have died. But the rich altars with marigolds, flower arrangements by graves, ceremonies, and Aztec practices made bringing the characters to life for the time feel anything but sad. On November 2, Da de los Muertos, families, and friends go out in big groups. Many of them wear traditional skeleton makeup and bright clothes.

Los Angeles Tomatina

If you are in the Valencian city of Buol on the last Wednesday of August, watch out for flying tomatoes. The city’s wild tomato-throwing event has been happening since 1945 and is just for fun. It lets you throw some broken tomatoes at your most annoying travel companions.

SF Pride

San Francisco’s Honor is a lively, crazy, loud, and incredibly fun party. This fun event lasts all weekend and includes among the oldest and largest LGBTQIA marches in the world. It is full of interesting people and buzzes with power. There’s nothing like a gathering of 100,000 people to give you a boost of energy.

The Jaisalmer Desert Event

People go in groups to the Thar Desert inside the Sam Desert three days before the full moon in February for the Jaisalmer Desert Festival. Over three days, the remote-controlled desert landscape and local traditions, folk music, and efficiency come back to life.

Songkran Water Festival.

The Thai New Year is in the middle of April, celebrated with the most epic water fights you’ve ever seen. People fill the streets to bathe each other with water from buckets and to shoot at their laughing friends.


Rio’s Carnival is by far one of the world’s biggest Carnival celebrations before Ash Wednesday. About 2 million people party there every day. The streets are filled with music, dancing, clothes, and the best disorder.


Oktoberfest is the most popular party in Germany for both tourists and locals. It is a carnival that people all over the world have heard about. This Munich pop-up of tents with draught beer venues happens for a few weeks every October. It is known for its loudest and most casually dressed partygoers.

Craft Basel

The first weekend of December, Craft Basel takes over the city of Miami, including the convention center. It brings together art lovers from all over the world to find gallerists and exhibitors from all over the world. The series includes over 4,000 artists and 200 modern and contemporary art galleries.

Harbin Ice Celebrations

The Harbin Ice Festival in China starts at the end of December and goes through the end of February. Large ice sculptures are made for the festival, and people come from all over China and the rest of the world to see them.

Comic Drawback

You don’t have to like comic books, movies, or science fiction to enjoy the big size of the big party. Comic Drawback started in San Diego and still brings 130,000 people yearly to enjoy shops, special tests, meetings, autographs, and more in an event setting.

International Film Festival of Toronto

Every September, people who love movies and work in the movie business worldwide gather in Toronto for the annual film festival. During the 10-day festival, the most important movies, actors, and people in the movie business are honored with premieres, parties, and dinners. To put it simply, that means a lot of parties.

Mardi Gras

You might think that Mardi Gras celebrations is all about drinking on Whiskey Street, but locals will tell you that this New Orleans event is based on tradition and about celebrating with family and friends of all ages.

Mardi Gras season begins on January 6 with the wild parties of Twelfth Night and lasts up to the morning of Ash Wednesday. The most important parades and biggest gatherings happen two weeks before Mardi Gras. This is when people of all ages and costumes come together at parades, bars, formal receptions, and other places.

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