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We can all agree that Netflix has some real gems regarding adult comedy films. Seeing these works of art with your friends can instantly make you feel better and can also help you relax. They’re a great way to have fun and can even make you want to learn more and appreciate art. You’ve come to the right place if you can’t decide which movies to rent. We’ve compiled a list of the ten best adult comedy movies on Netflix that you can watch repeatedly. These will create you laugh out loud.

1 Someone Great

This movie has both sad and funny parts. It shows real situations and friendships in the most charming way possible. The best thing about this work of art is that it is unique and encourages women to follow their dreams and careers instead of waiting for men to care for them. Someone Great gives you chills and makes you feel things, and Gina Rodriguez has done a fantastic job of making you feel those things. This is one of my favorite comedy films.

2 The Incredible Jessica James

The Wonderful Jessica James is one of the most fun, well-paced, and sensible comedies for adults that you’ll find on Netflix. It’s a feel-good movie with good acting and enough originality to keep you interested. The ending will also be a pleasant surprise. Even though the actors might not be well-known, they have all done a great job, and Jessica has killed it.

3 Lust Stories

As the name suggests, lust is the theme of the four short films that make up Lust Stories. All the stories are about certain things, and if you’ve been through any of these things, you’ll enjoy this movie. Anurag Kashyap directed the first part of the story, in which Radhika Apte gave a mesmerizing performance. This movie is a must-see because the stories are realistic and well-developed, and the characters have many sides.

4 Ibiza: Love Drunk

Ibiza is a fun movie that doesn’t try too hard. The three main characters give good performances. It’s worth your time because it has great music, cool club scenes, and cinematography. The scenes are important to the story and don’t just serve as eye candy. In simple terms, it’s a great movie with many beautiful sceneries that will make you feel better.

5 The Lovebirds

Speaking about comedy films we can’t forget this one. This movie is so silly, smart, unique, fun, and funny that it’s impossible not to like it. The Lovebirds will start making you laugh because it has romance, comedy, and action. The funny lines come at just the right time, and Issa Rae and Kumail Nanjiani have a real and refreshing chemistry.

6 The Wrong Missy

This movie is one of the greatest comedies you’ll ever see, and it will make you laugh out loud multiple times. Lauren Lapkus portrays an utterly bizarre character in The Wrong Missy, which is the complete antithesis of Tom Morris’s role, which is reserved and solemn throughout the film. In addition to having an excellent script, the actors in this film make every moment hilarious. When the movie is complete, you will be shocked that you are still smiling.

7 Brahman Naman

The work of art known as Brahman Naman is truly one of a kind and is never dull to look at. Every nerdy quizzer yearning for love is recommended to watch this movie because the discourse is direct and hilarious. How the script is written and how beautifully the performers portray their parts will draw you into watching this mature comedy.


Watching MILF is a great choice if you want to relax and have a good time at the same time. It’s a hilarious romantic comedy, and the joke is daring. This is a fun option that contains several different sections that are enjoyable. The narrative focuses on a group of close friends who are in their late 40s and embark on a trip together, during which they date men in their 20s and 30s. The movie is both amusing and enticing and stars some attractive characters.

9 Oh, Ramona!

This movie is fun because it takes several unexpected turns and twists throughout the story. Oh, Ramona is just like going on a ride on a roller coaster, and the bulk of the actors in this movie have done a fantastic job with their roles. It depicts the narrative like a kid would tell it, and you might even be able to relate to it. This movie is straightforward and complex, so it’s enjoyable to watch.

10 Budapest

The French influence may be seen in films like “With the Hangover,” thanks to Budapest. You are going to laugh until you cry while watching this movie. This movie will be fun for you and your buddies to see together.

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